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An example of a romantic read is once you continually consider the planet as if the glass is full.
of, characteristic of, or preoccupied with ardent, idealised love or wooing
It is believed to be AN alteration of gawk, that is first seen as a verb that means "to turn the eyes to one side or the other" in the fourteenth century.

The word form goggles was initial sighted as a designation for a combine of protective glasses in the early eighteenth century. The slang term brewage eyeglasses, which refers to the effects of alcohol thought of metaphorically as a combine of spectacles that alter a personality's perceptions particularly by creating others appear more engaging than they actually are, was brewed in the 1980s.
Aprilis." (Translated: I gave [this letter] at Rome april 1—the kalends of april.) A later wording was knowledge Romae, "given at Rome,"
Data eventually came to name the time of writing or capital punishment a letter or document. Anglo-French borrowed the word as date with a similar meaning but also used it to denote any given point in time. The word was then borrowed into English language from Anglo-French.

it was not until the 19th century that date began to be used for an appointment or engagement at a specified time. The word then came to signify romantic meetings, as in blind date, double date, and hot date


 Rider(Romantic Video Status)

Dil chot khaye toh(Romantic video status for whatsapp)

Tere hi sapne(Sad Romantic status)

Teri kasmey(Romantic status song)

Zaroori tha(Romantic video status for whatsapp)

 Ja saari jindiri(Romantic Status for girls)

Udti patang bas tere manjhey(Romantic status song)

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