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Punjabi is associate degree Indo-Aryan language with over a hundred twenty five million native speakers within the Indian landmass and round the world. It is the linguistic communication of the Punjabi folks, associate degree ethnolinguistic cluster of the cultural region referred to as the geographic area, that encompasses northwest India and japanese Asian country.

Punjabi is that the foremost usually speech in country, the eleventh most usually speech in Bharat, and additionally the third most-spoken language inside the Indian dry landIt is additionally the fifth most-spoken linguistic communication in North American country when English, French, Mandarin and Yue.

Punjabi is uncommon among Indo-European languages in its use of lexical tone; for examples.
The Punjabi language is written in one in all 2 alphabets: Shahmukhi or Gurmukhi.
In the geographic areaeach writing systems square measure used (a rare incidence referred to as synchronic digraphia): Shahmukhi is employed in the main by Punjabi Muslims, Gurmukhi by Punjabi Sikhs and Devanagari by Punjabi Hindus.There square measure over thirty one sorts of sub-accents within the Punjabi language.

Mainu Jis Din Karti Tu (Whatsapp Status Punjabi)

Tere Mere Bich(Jass Manak Song)

Chacha Tera Viah Vich(Punjabi Sad Song)

Puch Da Ye Chand(Punjabi Song Status)

Yadan Nu(Jass Manak Song)

Let Me Know (Punjabi Song Status)

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